The wax orange blossom tiara is one of the most beautiful of headdress in the history of the wedding ceremony. At first they were used as a symbol of fertility but eventfully the sweet smelling blossoms became a classic floral theme after Queen Victoria wore them for her 1840 wedding. A beautiful vogue was set!

Many brides who have a vintage or bohemian sense of style to this day seek after a vintage circlet, crown or tiara of hand-dipped orange blossoms. The problem is there are not many left and when you can acquire one; it can be in bad condition.

I have longed to make my own wax dipped blossoms but the amount of time it takes to make them has kept me from exploring this labor intensive lost art. This spring while walking by my blooming citrus trees, I was hit by their intoxicating blooms and I finally decided to take the time to teach myself how to work with the wax!

I love the way my wax orange blossom tiara came out and now I can finally answer the many inquiries I receive from brides to be looking for this symbol of remembrance for her wedding headdress.

Shown here is my Remembrance Wax blossom double tiara. I have mixed wax dipped orange blossoms with dipped silk flowers & pearl peps to get the look I wanted & to help them stay more stable with time. With all of my tiaras and crowns, the wax blossom headdresses are beautifully finished and hand wrapped onto a wire base with cotton threads to be treasured for all of time.

Photography credits: Meghan K Sadler


wax orange blossom tiara

orange blossom wax crown


wax orange blossom tiara fro weddings

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