The Pursuit of Love

In the height of a surge in the pandemic, friends, family & committed people from all walks of life, came together & sat for portraits to showcase my Matters of the Heart 2022 headpiece collections.

The pandemic has provided an opportunity for reflection on spousal roles and the need for respectful sharing. This demand for equality, a firm tenet and underlying core of Matters of the Heart, has spurred acceptance of gender diversity and marriage. LGBTQ couples now have the same rights to see their unions made official and can enjoy celebrating their love with traditional wedding ceremonies.

These strong, committed people have inspired my new collection, and I’m proud to showcase this beautiful diverse garden of humanity as models for the Erica Elizabeth Designs Matters of the Heart collections.

Many thanks to Michael Hirabayashi for the photography, Lindsey Anne Francis & David Haerle!

Larry and Juan

Matt and Joanne
Maxwell, Gabriella and Sofia
Darya Teesewell
Patricia K Perry, MD
Miyo Yamauchi
Lindsey & Dan
Jose & Leslie
Marlene Nichols
Caitlin & Aaron
Marina Pacowski
Brandee & Christian
Sophie & Meghan
The Diaz Family
David Haerle
David & Erica

David & Erica

I met this wonderful man while experiencing a series of losses in my life. The first time I saw him, he walked into a room of people with that big friendly smile of his, he sat next to me & I was afraid he would notice my blush.

After 18 years I feel this way every day. We both enjoy the most routine rituals that send many people running. Things like new bars of soap in the shower, falling asleep & waking with coffee in the morning together. We are old fashioned & we don’t mind!
David is wearing the Aphrodite Seashell Crown & I am wearing the Rose of Sharon crown.