The Pursuit of Love

In the height of a surge in the pandemic, friends, family & committed people from all walks of life, came together & sat for portraits to showcase my Matters of the Heart 2022 headpiece collections.

The pandemic has provided an opportunity for reflection on spousal roles and the need for respectful sharing. This demand for equality, a firm tenet and underlying core of Matters of the Heart, has spurred acceptance of gender diversity and marriage. LGBTQ couples now have the same rights to see their unions made official and can enjoy celebrating their love with traditional wedding ceremonies.

These strong, committed people have inspired my new collection, and I’m proud to showcase this beautiful diverse garden of humanity as models for the Erica Elizabeth Designs Matters of the Heart collections.

Many thanks to Michael Hirabayashi for the photography, Lindsey Anne Francis & David Haerle!

Maxwell, Gabriella and Sofia

Larry and Juan

Matt and Joanne

Max is a lovely partner to Gabby & a sweet father to Sophie. He is brilliant USC graduate & Senior Vice President at an equity firm.

Gabby: I’m a new mom and watching my baby girl experience the world for the first time has been such a joy. It’s allowed me to be more mindful and present and truly appreciate the little pleasures in life.

Max is wearing the Earthbound Misfit Celestial Crown; Gabby is wearing the Easy on the Eyes Crown & little Sophia is wearing the Artemis Petite Moon Tiara.

My name is Larry Dean Harris. I'm a playwright, a storyteller and have been told I'm an impresario.

I've spent the last year of my life with this young man. Together, we've shared just about every emotion in the spectrum.

My name is Juan Espinosa. I work in the amazing field of physical therapy where I aim to help every patient become a better version of themselves.

Larry is wearing the Victorious Crown
Juan is wearing the Byzantine Enchantment Crown

Joanne DeCaro is an oral historian and PhD candidate studying criminology, law, and society. She currently records the stories of men and women who have spent decades behind bars and have found their freedom after so long inside.

Matthew Woodland is an electrician and from Arleta. They value their long-standing friendship above all else, and still try to make each other laugh every day.

Matt is wearing the Moments in Time Crown. His brilliant partner Joanne is wearing the May Day Floral Silk Flower Crown.

Darya Teesewell

Patricia K Perry, MD

My name is Darya Teesewell. I am a woman of trans history who is retired from the Motion Picture Industry (I toiled behind the cameras) who is currently writing, enjoying her life and her incredible, supportive and talented family. I'm tall, sober and like burritos.

Darya is shining bright wearing the Supernova celestial crown.

Patricia K Perry, M.D: Living, loving, and working in these turbulent times has been challenging, enlightening, and rewarding. It has tested our societal mettle and pushed our personal strength to the limit. The beauty in this situation is that it is making us grow— individually and collectively. At the end of it all, my hope is that we will end up with a more compassionate, loving, and user-friendly society. I think it’s possible to get there if we seek true balance within ourselves, give others the grace to find theirs and remain open to change.

Patricia is wearing the Millennium Star tiara stacked with the Starburst Galaxy headband.

Miyo Yamauchi

Miyo is a very talented writer and storyteller.

Miyo: I’m complicated, but my being is straightforward. I'm quiet, but my tribe hears me louder in silence. I'm indecisive, but my heart knows what it wants. I am a limited edition.

Miyo is wearing the Savoir-Faire Crown.

Lindsey & Dan

Meet Lindsey & her man Dan. Two very creative people.

If you read my FB & Instagram posts, you will know that I couldn’t produce my collection shoots without Lindsey. Lindsey is an extraordinary artist, humorist & one of my top persons.

She & Dan met during the early days of the pandemic lockdown & navigated a relationship slowly but surely and now are enjoying a flourishing & loving relationship.

Lindsey set up her table & made sure everyone in this shoot was beautiful & comfortable.

Lindsey is wearing the Butterfly Reserve Flower Crown & Dan is wearing the Delphine Grape Cluster Crown.

Jose & Leslie

Jose & Leslie have been married for 6 years but have been together since they were practically kids. They absolutely adore each other!

Jose & Leslie are expecting their first child.

Jose is a musician, Engineer, Mixer/Producer. He has just released his first album under Lui Salazar, "Expressions" & we love it!

Leslie in the home building business & she works with buyers to help them realize & design details for their dream home.

Jose is wearing the Bejeweled Desire Crown & Leslie is wearing the Marie de France Crown.

Marina Pacowski

Sophie & Meghan

Marlene Nichols

Sophie & Meghan are a loving couple who work in Addiction Recovery. Sofie is a therapist specializing in Addiction Therapy and Counseling & Meghan is working on getting her credentials. Sofie is the child of my lifelong friend.

Sophie is wearing the Millennium Star Tiara & Meghan is wearing the Earthbound Misfit Celestial Crown.

Marlene, the most talented and fascinating woman in Los Angeles! (Former New Yorker) Writer, performer, adventurer, producer.

The very couture minded Marlene wears the Haute Milan birdcage veil.

My name is Marina Pacowski and I was born in France. I am a classical concert pianist and a jazz singer based in Los Angeles. I love the vibration and diversity of this city. I am Musician in Residence at the Philosophical Research Society where I curated, and I host a monthly concert series “Spirit and Music”. In this series I am sometimes on piano playing classical music and sometimes I am singing and scatting my heart off on some jazz standards. At the end of the day, the most important thing in life is to love and be loved in return.

Marina is wearing the Star Dancer Celestial crown stacked with the Mariposa Butterfly Headband.

Brandee & Christian

My name is Brandee Goacher. I teach yoga and meditation and create sounds to open hearts, mine very much included. My heart opens wide when I see someone’s body settle into relaxation, when I see a smile brighten a loved one’s face, when I talk to the supremely enlightened children in my circle of friends and family. My heart glows upon seeing raindrops against the windowpane, or light shining through the leaves of a luscious plant, or a silly animal playing around. There are many small moments that matter to my heart, and they add up to making this life a pleasure.

My name is Christian. I am a yoga teacher and musician. The mutual love from my partnership opens my heart out to the rest of the world, whether it is through sharing music that elicits a feeling of love, or respecting and admiring animals, or offering kindness to others. Receiving love gives me the opportunity to feel gratitude.

Brandee is wearing the Scheherazade Mesh Chain Headdresses. Christian is wearing the Byzantine Enchantment crown.

Caitlin & Aaron

Caitlin is an EMT working in the film industry. Her parents are my dear friends & I have had to pleasure of watching Caitlin grow to be a fine woman since her birth. Caitlin & Aaron are engaged to be married!

Aaron is cinematographer & entrepreneur of incredible things. Along with his family, they produce Mario’s Sharp Expresso & he is the creator of the Solo Cinebot, a remote camera system for the film industry. He & Caitlin never stop!

Caitlin is wearing the Bejeweled Desire Crown & Aaron is wearing the Truly Devoted Tiara.


The Diaz Family

Jovany, Megan, Landon & Paige.
Jovany is a proud veteran of the United States Marines & served our country during the First Gulf War.

Jovany works for the county of Los Angeles for the department of auditor - controller in systems development and security.
Jovany is wearing the Europa Roman Coin Crown.

Megan works assisting women's health program in innovation for Los Angeles County department of health services. She is brilliant my niece. ❤️

Megan is wearing the Clementine Rose Gold Crown.
They are one of the millions of families that have had to navigate the Pandemic working with school children remotely at home. They did an amazing job!

David & Erica

I met this wonderful man while experiencing a series of losses in my life. The first time I saw him, he walked into a room of people with that big friendly smile of his, he sat next to me & I was afraid he would notice my blush.

After 18 years I feel this way every day. We both enjoy the most routine rituals that send many people running. Things like new bars of soap in the shower, falling asleep & waking with coffee in the morning together. We are old fashioned & we don’t mind!
David is wearing the Aphrodite Seashell Crown & I am wearing the Rose of Sharon crown.

David Haerle

In the past fifteen months I have been lovingly cared for and supported by my partner Erica, and by friends and co-workers, as I found myself facing emergency surgeries and the loss of part of my vision in one eye. Going through hard times together can bond us to one another more closely. Losses must be grieved to be sure, but they can also be a catalyst to embrace more fully what we do have and those we love. Those experiences can help us become more clear about what really matters to our hearts.

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