Spellbound: The Spring 2019 Collection from Erica Elizabeth Designs, passionately crafted by hand.

This season I’ve been inspired by mythological tales brought to life by the feminine presence, steeped in mystery and imagination. These bold and beautiful goddesses call to mind today’s women, moving forward with passion and commitment to claim their proud place on the world’s stage.

I savored the mythology of the feminine, from the depths of the ocean deep to the celestial bodies ruling the night sky, tapping into ancient myth to access this deep well of female beauty, strength and love. I crafted the Spring 2019 Collection, Spellbound, with the words of the legendary Karl Lagerfeld running through my thoughts: “The criteria of beauty in the ancient still holds true.”

Seashells, among the most remarkable designs in nature, called to me from the depths, their siren song bearing beauty and energy. These marvels figure prominently in the Collection.

Aphrodite Seashell Crown

This beautiful Nautical Seashell Crown pays tribute to Aphrodite, ruler of love and beauty.

A noble crown that is our homage to the sea is skillfully handmade with seashells that are highlighted with Mother-of-Pearl, Freshwater Pearls & touches of pastel colored crystals.

Sea Nymph Hair Chain

The Sea Nymph hair chain. A symbol of beauty for the female spirit.

Sea Nymphs were the goddesses of nature, specifically of the sea and oceans. They are known for their beauty and gentleness.


Venus Seashell hair pins
Venus Seashell Hair Pins

Proud and powerful Venus continues her lineage of love in sparkling Seashell Beach Wedding Hair Pins.

If you are pretty sure your birthstone is a seashell, then our Venus set of eight ocean shell hair pins are made just for you!

Oceanid Sea Branch Crown

The Oceanids were the Nymphs who were the three thousand daughters of the Titans.

This crown of branches with light catching crystals drops that shine like the sun on seawater evokes feelings of the ancient goddesses.

Persei Hair Chain

The ocean goddess Persei is honored in a Jeweled Deco Hair Chain

A hair chain with a center set pearl cabochon is skillfully constructed with chain mail trimmed with set crystal ornaments that drapes over the crown of your head with elegance.


Cerci Upright Goddess Crown

The magical island enchantress Circe, radiant and purposeful, reigns supreme in an Upright Goddess Wedding Crown.

This upright wedding crown of garden delights is named after the Goddess Circe, due to her love and use of nature to create her magical spells.


Persei Hair Chain
Bright Star

From the sea to the sky, this timeless bounty of nature’s gifts is captured throughout the Spellbound Collection’s headpiece crowns, tiaras and chains; new veil creations of opulent silk and tulle are shown in Juliet caps, French net, cage, classic, blusher and ornamental styles. Shimmering accessories include pins, clips, combs, flowers and jewels, each designed to cast a magical spell that transports the senses.

Thanks to my wonderful team for a photo shoot that came together on a perfect spring day in Los Angeles:

            Photography:             Meghan K. Sadler

            Hair & Makeup:         Lindsey Burwell

            Model:                        Clara McSweeney

I hope these designs inspire your inner goddess, strong, proud and beautiful, as you move along your bridal journey. I am so inspired by today’s women, striding purposely forward with love, compassion and conviction. You are my inspiration.