I am happy to share a few images from my coming “Remember Me” collections for Fall 2018 by photographer Mathilde Bresson. It is my most personal yet.

It’s inspiration comes from a project I started organizing my many family photos into albums. I spent weeks sitting at my dinner room table surrounded by the faces of people I have loved and some lost over the years.

I was moved by the physical act of holding a photo in my hand. The digital world makes capturing memories an every day event, but most of us don’t bother printing pictures anymore. Instead we swipe or scroll. But the sensation of touch turned an organization project into an experience of time travel. I got to move between generations, around the globe, and feel close to my loved ones at different ages and events. A captivating experience.

Weddings are about creating those bonds. We merge friends and loved ones into a new expanded family. It’s an opportunity to access different cultures and our connections become more diverse and exciting as we invite in-laws, or nieces and nephews into our family. Sharing our love can also replenish us. Every family experiences loss, but binging in new laughter and happiness, and can help revive us and give us new memories.

To honor my family, those I love & have lost, you will see old photos in vignettes alongside my headpieces. Beautiful calligraphy cards by my talented friend Lindsey Burwell.

Remember Me is a collection that honors all the different kinds of families around the world. Let us celebrate that connection.

Many thanks to Photographer Mathilde Bresson & Joanne DeCaro.

Dresses by Maria Korovilas

Hair & Makeup by Charlotte Prevel

Pure Poetry Celtic headdress


Remember me

Fairy Tale flower crown

The engagement crown

Remember me

The engagement crown

A Lasses Journey crownRemember Me collectionsMoonbeams Freshwater Pearl hair chain

A Lasses Journey crown

A Lasses Journey crown

A Lasses Journey crown

Heart of Gold flower crown

P. S. I love you headpiece

Highland Branch wedding crown

Highland Branch wedding crown

Erica Elizabeth DesignsEclipse celestial headpiece

Eclipse celestial headpiece

Shoot prep

Me & the adorable Charlotte Prevel on hair & Makeup. Model: Nicole Castillo

Many thanks!


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