This beautiful sample piece is for sale & in good condition. My heart will be slightly broken when this one goes, but room must be made for new styles & some of the components are no longer available.

The La Belle Époque upright bridal crown was created as a tribute to the legendary period of the Belle Époque, French for “Beautiful Era”, a term of nostalgia for a simpler time of peace, prosperity, and progress when the arts & beauty flourished. For the true Bohemian with musical, artistic, literary or spiritual pursuits.

Enjoy this upright crown of meandering floras & gemstones with filigree butterflies that spring to life at the ends of bendable tendrils that seem to be growing organically out of the metal.

-Gemstones wound through the band are, Freshwater Pearls, Peruvian opals, Green Amethyst & Pyrite.

-Décor is approximately 2” high 12” across.

– Built upon a comfortable thin spring band.

Available in Faux Matte Silver/Gold/Rose Antique as shown only. Foliage is tinted pale green. Both silver & gold metallic will emerge from this beautiful finish.

-The finish is hand painted enamel metallic paint that will not wear off.

-It is very neutral & will compliment a dress with different metallic color accents.

-Please allow 1 week for delivery.

-Sales on this item are final. No returns or exchanges please.

Please visit my policy page for more information.

Many thanks, Erica Elizabeth

Photo credit: Joanne DeCaro

Home image by Stephanie Williams with dress by Claire Pettibone

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