Since a child, I have always been fascinated with the beauty & charm of the acorn. Having grown up in California where oak trees grow in abundance, I loved collecting fallen acorns & gluing the caps back on the nut.

A nearly full circle crown of intricate & skillfully arranged oak leaves, acorns & gemstones that gather at the center & sweep towards the back narrowing down at the ends.

-All ornaments are soldered onto bendable wires & skillfully hand wrapped across the main band.

– Faceted Citrine, Pyrite & Peruvian Opal & Plump taupe colored Freshwater Pearls are worked throughout the crown.

-Seven-inch-long tendrils of metal & crystals chains tipped with gemstones fan across both back sides of the crown.

-Crown is 1 ½” high by 17” of décor.

-Available Antique Gold or Antique Silver.

-Stays in place with a thin light brown elastic cord.

-The inside is lined with velvet ribbon for comfort.

-All pieces are made to order. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

Please read our policies before placing your order.

-All sales are final.

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