Sample is in good condition with just a little wear.

 The study of butterflies was an obsession with the Victorians. From poets to artist, we have been left with beautiful images & poems to reflect on the beauty of the butterfly.

These beautiful butterflies with Freshwater Pearl bodies are printed on silk & then skillfully covered with gold metal leaf, which requires an abundance of patience for the many stages of finicky work.

They are then cheerfully highlighted with brilliant fine glitter & spots of crystal sparkle as they flutter from silver bobby pins that can be placed throughout hair rolls to your whim.

-Sold in a set of five different size butterfly bobbies.

-Two large with 6” wingspans.

-One 4” wingspan.

-One 3 ½” wingspan.

-One 3” wingspan

-Each butterfly is double sided, beautifully hand finished, detailed and wired for flexibility.

-Available in Bright gold only.

-Please allow 1 week for delivery.

-Sales on this item are final. No returns or exchanges please.

Please visit my policy page for more information.

Many thanks, Erica Elizabeth

Photo credit: Joanne DeCaro

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