Pacific Weddings Cover

After so many years of designing in bridal, I have finally made the cover of a magazine.
This means more to me now than it would have in the glory days of print publications, as many beautiful magazines have gone away due to the internet & digital world. There are so many talented people try to grace the covers of magazines & less publications to go around.
So hats off & many thanks to Stephanie Williams Photography for such an amazing shoot. To Leila from Be Inspired for putting me in touch with her. To Claire Pettibone for being such an amazing breath of fresh air in the bridal industry.  And of course Pacific Weddings for accepting this wonderful shoot.
Look forward to July 14 when it appears on news stands. You will be tickled pink with the images from this shoot.
Support our print magazine industry & purchase this magazine!
Many thanks as always,
Erica E Koesler

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