I am so happy to present a few of my favorite images from my recent photo shoot with Caroline Tran, featuring beautiful gowns from both Sara Janks & Jenny Yoo. It was so kind of both these talented designers to lend us there beautiful dresses that go so well with my headpiece & veil collections.

This year’s inspiration was based on my coming venture into the world of scents. After reading Justine Picardie’s Coco Chanel The Legend and the life, I knew I had to develop a pure oil perfume that I would wear myself on a daily basis. I knew the moment I decided to do this, what my scent would be based on, the ever classic & seductive English rose.



Eglantine Rose Parfum

For generations, my family history has been entwined with the wonders of the garden, and roses have always held a special fascination.  My father was a particularly gifted gardener; once retired, word of his talent for cultivating exquisite roses spread and found him designing cutting gardens to grace the yards of Hollywood celebrities.

My dear father’s talents have inspired me to develop a strong passion for roses, in particular the very fragrant English rose. The English rose was always on my mind while designing this season’s collections. You will see handmade silk flower crowns in delicate soft blush colors, romantic long French lace trimmed veils & delicate fashioned crowns in my 2015 wedding season collections.

I’m delighted to contribute to this shared family history with the creation of Eglantine, a pure perfume oil that’s a sophisticated, modern take on the timeless floral scent. To create a private label perfume that captured this intoxicating garden smell, I collaborated with a master perfumer. After extensive testing and many formulations, we were able to create the signature scent so cherished by my family – the rose, reimagined, with a darker floral heart.  

My goal was to create a custom perfume oil with the same design sensibility as my bridal accessories, a captivating scent that aligns with this most romantic time in a woman’s life.  Science tells us that our sense of smell holds the most powerful memories and triggers emotions that last a lifetime.  My wish is for you to build your special moments and make them unforgettable with Eglantine.

Sample vials will be available for purchase soon!

With love,


Many thanks to Theresa Huang & her adorable team on hair & makeup and the beautiful Anjelina Afanasyeva from Next.