Before I started designing headpieces for weddings, I had been designing pretty dresses & things. My Erica Elizabeth Designs headpiece collection became my priority, so I never got around to this original creative dream.

The Mozart’s Sister Collection was born from my love of listening to classical music while working & Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of my favorite composers. What many people do not know, is that he had a sister named Maria Anna Mozart (nicknamed Nannerl), who is said to be the more talented of the siblings.

The children toured throughout Europe performing together to royalty until she turned 18, the age of marriage. Nannerl was not given the opportunity to thrive because she was a woman and her longing to compose was not valued.

The Mozart’s Sister collection is made from fine linens, luxurious Swiss cottons & charming, salvaged cottons prints. Whimsical flora & fauna patterns are patched together in a pleasing manner that will delight the wearer.

Simple relaxed fitting jackets of linen, hand stitch vest that mix & match with the busier patchwork skirts.

This is a collection of women’s clothing with a period flare that is comfortable along with my belief that women deserve beautiful & unique fashions & that we can all live our dreams.

Mozart’s Sister. Handmade to order for women by women.
Coming soon!

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