Meet erica

I work out of my personalized home studio in Los Angeles, California. It has been a lifelong dream to make my living as an artisan with the support of the Internet since 2007!

I started studying jewelry fabrication & fashion at Otis College of Art and Design. To help pay my way through school I took a job in a local bridal shop making wedding accessories. After a few years, I opened my own business; its headquarters was the living room of my tiny duplex. I found success in wholesale. As the business expanded, I began selling to hundreds of bridal salons and major department stores across the U.S.

Some of my weaknesses are for example: coins, motifs of plants, flowers and, particularly, insects, butterflies, bees, and dragonflies.

I started my first business without computers or cell phones. Now, I am designing for a generation of savvy young women that can go online and purchase anything they want. The world of bridal fashion today is wonderfully diverse, and the internet has paved the way for designers to show off their talents to the world. It has helped me fall in love all over again with my beloved career.

After 25 successful years in the wholesale business, I felt that my creative side was getting lost. I wanted to reimagine my brand by creating singular designs that focused on uncompromising craftsmanship and beauty. I decided to leave the world of wholesale and go back to my roots. Now, I take great pride in knowing that everything in my shop is handmade, beautifully packaged and shipped by me to women around the world.

Details Matter!

Erica Elizabeth Designs takes great pride in knowing that everything in our shop is handmade to order, beautifully packaged in keepsake boxes and shipped to women around the world.

I like things nice