Erica Elizabeth Designs New Collections for 2022

I am delighted to announce the release of Erica Elizabeth Designs new wedding headpiece collections, Matters of the Heart. Named for those deeply held beliefs grounded in love, family, community, and caring, these are the core values that shape us, nourish us and sustain us throughout both happy and trying times.

Below are a few of my favorites.


Butterfly Reserve Floral Flower Crown

A bounteous garden of floral splendor is visited by a line of Swiss embroidered butterflies, each individually crafted by hand. This unforgettable crown is finished with gleaming Lily-of-the-Valley Pearl filaments in a dazzling play of light and movement, made to order in rich Ivory or Off White.

Haute Milan Pearl Dotted Cage Veil

A diamond cage design dotted with an interplay of lustrous flat-backed coin pearls, this fitted veil for the couture-minded bride creates a glamorous silhouette and lends a distinctive allure. Choose Ivory or White on a custom-colored band of ribbon.

Nothing conjures up a stronger matter of the heart than marriage, the eternal promise to love and cherish. While once a largely practical measure to ensure a woman’s future, patriarchal values were the bedrock of 19th century marriage, the foundation on which pioneers set out to build family, community and, indeed, a very nation.

Young brides left their families to follow new husbands into the unknown West, a vast wilderness of both promise and isolation. Tested by a life of hard work and frequent loneliness in harsh, untamed lands, these couples drove a young nation forward, sustained by love, family, and hope for a brighter future.


Alchemy Crystal Spray Headdress

A transformative wonder of brilliant crystals, this extraordinary piece weaves a branch of shining leaves into a rich field of light, an alchemy that creates a sparkling trail of diamonds. Generously sized, the sumptuous design is available in rich tones of Gold or shiniest Silver.

Savoir-Faire Pastel Jeweled Wedding Crown

A brilliant band of pastel-hued crystals gleam across this sumptuous crown, a detailed piece of richly filigree leaves and florals. Finished with a dramatic drop of gently swaying tendrils tipped with rose quartz teardrops, the crown is custom designed in Silver, Rose Gold, or Gold.

Women today continue to navigate marital expectations, with happiness and equality the aspiration for contemporary unions. The domestic front has been tested by months of lockdown and isolation, with the need for shared responsibility highlighted as never before. The pandemic has provided an opportunity for reflection on spousal roles and the need for respectful sharing.

Marie De France Filigree Arthurian Crown

An homage to Marie, the earliest known French Woman poet, this Arthurian-inspired crown evokes 12th century splendor with its filigree crosses and key designs. Finished with shimmering crystals and pearls on a sumptuous velvet band, this inspired headpiece is poetry itself.

Ode to McQueen Flora & Fauna Crown

A nature-inspired crown that pays tribute to the visionary designer, this sumptuous piece features birds and butterflies playing among golden florals. Shimmering aurora borealis crystals embrace key and arrow designs, finished with soft touches of crimson enamel in Silver, Gold or Rose Gold.

Knockout Moon & Star Moroccan Headdress

A Moroccan-inspired design of crescent moons and glittering starbursts, the jeweled band intersects with a striking cross piece that drapes from forehead to nape, finished with teardrop crystal chains. This dramatic headdress elevates any bridal ensemble, making an unforgettable statement in either

Songbird's Nest Retro Fascinator

This sublime confection of French lace net dotted with brilliant foiled crystals harks back to a time steeped in elegant sophistication. Soft vintage feathers frame the face in this oh-so-flattering fitted design, custom made to order in White or Ivory French netting.

Sheherazade Mesh Chain Headpiece

Mystery and allure inspire this fairytale headdress, a rich confection of scrolling ornaments and shimmering keys that form a beguiling tapestry in jewel tones. Closed at the back with a crystal teardrop chain, the headpiece is made to order in Antique Gold, Antique Rose Gold or Antique Silver.

Matters of the Heart Pearl Pep Halo

Handcrafted petite pearly gems encircle this flower crown with a gleaming halo design. Glowing pearlized clay peps, individually fashioned and studded with foiled crystal, are finished with sweet Mother-of-Pearl flowers in this heavenly bridal confection.

Intrigue Silver Crystal Dotted Cage Veil

This retro birdcage design, seductive and beguiling, evokes an era of mystery and elegance. Brilliant, light-catching foiled crystals dot the silver Russian netting, secured to the velvet-covered band and custom-colored to match your shade, from Lightest Blonde to Deepest Black. Silver netting only.

Moonlight Over Paris & Starburst Galaxy Headbands

A constellation of sparkling stars meets one bold crescent moon in this Parisian-inspired double headband, a sophisticated silhouette on dual brilliant bands. Evoking the moonlit wonder of the City of Light.
Shown with but sold separately is the Starburst Galaxy single headband.

After these long months of lockdown and isolation, it is wonderful to once again turn my gaze outward. As always, you special brides-to-be, so full of love and promise, remain my inspiration.

With love,


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Many thanks for reading!