The inspiration for my new Love Letters Collections 2017 was sparked by a handwritten letter written over a hundred years ago. Penned by a World War I soldier in the trenches of France and posted to his girl a continent away, this tender missive, creased with the folds of time, moved me to tears and prompted further exploration of the deep emotional resonance of taking pen to paper.

The impact of a heartfelt message committed to paper in beautiful cursive script is indeed powerful, a statement of love that is lasting and cherished. Why not write your loved one a handwritten letter today?

The Love Letters 2017 Collection seeks to harness these sentiments, to capture romance, yearning and desire in each of my handcrafted headpieces, veils and accessories. My thanks to photographer Meghan K. Sadler, Lindsay Burwell & Alexandria Yamazaki for making all of my ideas look beautiful.

To view my entire new Love Letters Collections please visit my Shoppe or my Galleries.

With love,


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