Sometimes when you are feeling like you have been working too hard in your lady cave, you get just what you need. I receive a wonderful email from the lovely Kacey Musgraves & got just the break I needed after working like a crazy person this busy bridal season.

Kasey wanted to wear my Cosmic Beauty & Celestia Star crowns on stage for her current tour with Willy Nelson.

Kacey & her tour manager Lindsey, so kindly gifted my Sweetheart David & I wonderful seats second row center to see Kacey at the beautiful Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

It was a wonderful show & I was truly enchanted by Kacey’s performance. I loved Willy Nelson, but I will never forget listening to Kacey’s crystal clear songbird voice hitting every note with ease while my Cosmic Beauty Star crown twinkled in the bright stage lights with her every movement!

Thanks Kasey. Your the best!


Kacey Muskgraves wear Erica Elizabeth Designs Star crown

Kacey Muskgraves live wearing Erica Elizabeth Designs


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