Todays story is about my coming 2020 “High Society” collections of headpieces, hair accessories & wedding veils. Due to a very busy year, I am running a bit late releasing this very special new collection. These days a release schedule does not seem to make any difference to Erica Elizabeth Designs, so I am able to release new collections when I am ready.

As always, my designs are influenced by themes of beauty and nature. This season, I have been a bit bolder than usual with the use of bird and reptile motifs along with some exciting new celestial pieces.


Below are some preview images of what you will see for my coming 2020 “High Society” collections of headpieces, veils & hair accessories.


Bird Song

A golden crown of swallows in flight guarding their precious woven nests of luscious Aquamarine & Citrine gemstone eggs.


Snake motifs are one of the earliest historical and culturally diverse mythological symbols. Ancient Egyptian civilizations have all endowed the slinky creature with various meanings, ranging from rebirth, transformations, sexuality and desire.

Egyptian influence in fashion of the 1920s can be seen in many women’s dresses of the period which is my absolute favorite era of fashion.

Sister Bluebird

Cheerful bluebirds in flight happily soar though enameled blossoms & plump Freshwater Pearls in a tiara that is sure to beckon attention.



This set of three handcrafted hair pieces with a Freshwater Pearl nest, will reach the shining tops of the day and delight the wearer for all of time.


Madame Pommery

“Madame Pommery” Amethyst & Swarovski Pearl grape vine crown.
Madame Pommery is credited with inventing brute Champagne in response to queen Victoria‘s request for a dryer bubbly

Celestial Accessories

My thoughts on the evening skies.

I never cared much for moonlit skies
I never wink back at fireflies
But now that the stars are in your eyes
I’m beginning to see the light

Thank you
Since you have reached the end of this story, I must thank you for taking the time to read it!
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