Memories of generations past form the running thread that weaves through the fabric of our lives, stitching a rich tapestry of love, marriage and family.

In my family, my dear father’s passing was followed by the birth of my niece’s first child. This precious cycle, a journey of loss and renewal, led me to reflect on the many brides who have worn my designs, wondering where in life their journeys now find them.

 My father’s generation grew up without cell phones or computers, the technology that today’s smart and savvy brides-to-be use to explore the flourishing world of bridal fashion online. A new crop of fashion designers, no longer constrained by industry demands, use the Internet to showcase their creativity, inspiring others by sharing their unique talents. The creative output fostered by technology has reignited my personal passion for bridal design: I find myself re-energized daily, falling in love with my career all over again.

 Marriage is a new beginning, a ‘Before’ and ‘After’ milestone on life’s journey. Today’s bride embraces the treasures of generations past while building new memories as her marriage begins. This journey of love, marriage and family inspired my 2014 Collection.

 Drawing from the past, I was pulled toward the youthful crown and tiara fashions, worn for centuries as a sign of nobility and aristocratic grace. These special designs, marked by exquisite fabrics and unique textures, are crafted with my signature care to make each piece a lasting treasure. 

 My 2014 Collection features fine gowns by Claire Pettibone and Hair and Makeup by Theresa Huang and Jamie Stevens. The silk Georgian reproduction with flowing ribbons, handpressed silk flowers and English laces is handmade by Erica Elizabeth Koesler. Photographer Caroline Tran beautifully captured each piece in this special collection.

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