They say travel broadens the spirit and beckons the heart, and a recent trip to Capitol Reef and Canyonlands National Park proved that adage to be more than true. While hiking with my love through the deep canyons of this ancient land forged by nature’s most powerful elements, the bewitching colors and formations sent my imagination soaring.

Nature writes its own story: In the glory of this dramatic terrain, rich rose golds shone the brightest as the sun cast its rays over the jutting sandstone cliffs of the Colorado plateau. The breathtaking beauty and stunning palette found me rushing back to my studio, eager to incorporate the shapes and hues of nature’s brush into my newest collection

In days of yore, artists courted the Muses, classical spirits who inspired creativity and fueled expression. The Muses believed that gold, the most treasured of jewels, was produced by the collision of stars, scattering shards of brilliant light before kissing the land below.

The Muses Collection 2016 blends artisanal craftsmanship with nature’s relentless beauty. This signature rose gold shade is seen throughout a curated line of unique creations: The Clementine Rose Gold Jeweled Bridal Tiara, the Hearts and Roses Floral Wedding Crown and the Bellatrix Rose Gold Bridal piece are just a few of my headpieces that carry the theme of this opulent, most contemporary of hues.

Photographed by the talented artist/photographer Meghan K. Sadler with Hair & Makeup by Bethany Ruck, my new pieces are paired with the exquisite Dresses By Gown: Odylyne the Ceremony.