Erica Koesler here from Erica Elizabeth Designs. It has been an amazing honor to been chosen to be a featured seller and to tell my story on Etsy this week.

I opened my Etsy account back in 2007 to sell my handmade jewelry collections while resting after leaving my long time company. I took me a while & a lot work to get my Etsy shop to the point where I could actually make money, but I never gave up.

With help from a cast of talented photographers my wedding accessory collections found their way to brides searching the many pages of designers on Etsy.

Many thanks to:

Melinda Kelley Photography, Yuna Leonard, Stephanie Williams of This Modern Romance, Briana Folkes of One Life Photography and most importantly Caroline Tran!

With Love!

Erical Koesler

Etsy featured shop

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