Eglantine Rose Parfum

As the New Year begins, we are tucked inside out cozy homes until the first sprouts of nature thaw. We have taken down our holiday decorations & our homes have a new minimalist feeling without the halls decked with our silly traditional goodies.

Now is the time to enjoy a burst of the promise of spring roses with a dab of Eglantine Rose Parfum. Eglantine is pure parfum oil, which is the most concentrated, long lasting form of fragrance. It is also one of the most intimate forms of fragrance one can wear because it lacks the alcohol that is in eau de parfums and eau de toilets.

Eglantine is a captivating blend of tea rose, gardenia and Arabian rose with a heady top note of blood orange. Its deep, warm base notes of rich amber, incense and African musk linger on the skin long into the night.

We are now fully stocked with freshly blended bottles of Eglantine ready to ship to bring you out of your frosty winter numbness.

Available for $75.00 filled in a gorgeous ½ oz. glass bottle with a globe sphere stopper that catches light at every angle. This beautiful “crystal like” bottle is manufactured in Normandy France from a more than century old traditional glass making factory.

Please visit my EGLANTINE PARFUM PAGE to read my story about branching into the world of fragrance.

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Happy New Year and many thanks!





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