Choosing Your Bridal Veil

The wedding day veil is custom rich in history and tradition, harking back to Medieval times. In days of yore, the Anglo Saxons draped both bride and groom with a length of fabric during the ceremony, while later, the bride alone received the protection of this ‘care cloth,’ designed to keep harmful spirits at bay. The head cover next evolved into a canopy and finally the traditional veil, which continues to deliver Olde World elegance to the contemporary bride.

For today’s bride, tradition and personal preference inform the choice of whether to wear a blusher veil over the face.

Photography Elizabeth Messina


Photography Elizabeth Messina

Bridal Veil Tulles

Whether nylon or pure silk, a tulle veil is a classic choice that drapes the bride in timeless splendor.

French silk tulle is soft, fluid and drapes closer to the body than nylon tulle. Silk tulle can develop an eyelash edge and soften in time with wear & tear. This can be a desirable character of silk tulle to many.

Traditional nylon bridal tulle has a more crisp character with body than silk tulle and is popular for its affordability.

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veil ivory


A light shade with pale cream tones.

veil ivory

Off White

soft tint that compliments both natural white silk and synthetic fabrics.

veil ivory


A bright hue, similar to bleached paper.

Bridal veils can be a variety of lengths, exquisitely ornamented, detailed with laces and light catching crystals, or shine with the simplicity imparted by a simple cut edge veil. Veil length should enhance, not compete, with a gown’s style.

Customizing Your Veil

Choosing the perfect length, color and style of veil to complete your wedding day ensemble can be challenging,

I am happy to answer questions and discuss custom colors, lengths and embellishments.

Proportion is key when choosing veil length. A short veil may look informal with a long gown, while a full veil with many tiers can overwhelm a petite figure.

Consider line and detail:
Veil length should enhance, not compete, with a gown style. For instance, an elegant slip style would pair well with a floor length veil.

Whether you choose a demure birdcage blusher or lush cathedral train, your bridal trousseau should reflect your unique style and individual beauty.

Today’s Bridal Laces

Season after season, bridal gowns made of laces have graced the isles of many a wedding. There are many different types of laces and each one can lend its own unique style to a gown or accessory. When designing for my collections of wedding accessories, I base my designs on the current trends of bridal fashion and the materials used. With so many different types of laces being used today, it can be confusing for the bride when choosing accessories to compliment her gown.

To help the bride identify the many laces she will see in her pursuit for the perfect gown, I have listed along with images, the most important laces being used today in bridal fashion.

Please visit my blog posting to read descriptions of these beautiful French Laces.