There is nothing more grounding than looking through a telescope at the heavens above. Afterwards, I always have a better perspective on how minor the many things that worry me are.

This is one of reasons that for more than 10 years, I have been designing heavenly inspired headdresses that reflect celestial lunar magic for my beloved Erica Elizabeth Designs studio.

Another reason is that back in 2006, after closing for a major renovation, the Griffith Park Observatory installed a wonderful exhibit called “The Cosmic Connection”. The gem-encrusted 75-foot-long glass enclosed panel of vintage celestial jewelry that delineates the timeline of the universe from the Big Bang to current day. With more than 2,200 of them -- pieces of jewelry shaped like crescent moons, multi-pointed stars and radiant sunbursts are a site for all celestial lovers to behold. After I saw this exhibit, I could not wait to get home & start designing!

The Observatory board member Kara Knack collected them over nearly 25 years and generously contributed them to form the timeline. The collection, amassed over more than two decades from swap meets, junk shops, discount stores and garage sales, is a testament to her devotion to “public astronomy” -- the idea that reliable information about astronomy should be accessible to everyone.

The Erica Elizabeth Designs Celestial Collections of headpieces & hair accessories is constantly evolving & changing. I add new ones every season to highlight different eras in fashion & to accommodate different women’s own unique personal style.

Below are some of my favorites!

As beguiling as the stars in the night sky, Erica Elizabeth Designs collections of heavenly celestial designs make unforgettable statements of otherworldly allure & bold explosions of light.


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