The rose, reimagined, with a darker floral heart


Eglantine is a captivating blend of tea rose, gardenia and Arabian rose with a heady top note of blood orange.

As a lifelong gardener, I love sticking my nose in anything that blooms, and wanted to design a scent that I can wear daily that reminds me of the pleasures of my garden. For generations, my family history has been entwined with the wonders of the garden, and roses have always held a special fascination. My father was a particularly gifted gardener; once retired, word of his talent for cultivating exquisite roses spread and found him designing gardens to grace the yards of Hollywood celebrities.

I knew I wanted to create a scent that was unique yet familiar, a pure perfume that would transport me to my favorite place, the garden.

I’m delighted to contribute to this shared history with the creation of Eglantine, a pure perfume oil that’s sophisticated, modern take on the timeless floral scent. After extensive testing and many formulations, we were able to create the signature scent so cherished by my family – the rose, reimagined, with a darker floral heart. Branching out into the fragrance realm has been an exhilarating adventure for me. I learned a new language as I trained my nose to detect the multiple layers that combine to create a pure perfume oil. The top notes, base and what is called the heart — the middle note or very soul of a perfume.

Eglantine is a captivating blend of tea rose, gardenia and Arabian rose with a heady top note of blood orange. Its deep, warm base notes of rich amber, incense and African musk linger on the skin long into the night. Modern, fresh and sexy, this is a scent meant to seduce.

The provenance of the name, Eglantine, can be traced to the Middle English eglentyn and from Old French aiglantin. Meaning “wild rose,” the term was coined in the 14th century to describe a particularly beautiful blushing rose growing wild in the European countryside. My wish is to beguile all you blushing brides-to-be with the sensual joys of this lush, rosy scent.

Rose Parfum

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Rose Parfum Eglantine

Filled in a beautiful ½ oz./8ml “crystal like” glass bottle with a globe sphere stopper that is manufactured in Normandy France.

Enjoy a daily ritual of dabbing a dot of Eglantine on your wrist pulse points with the old fashion elegant stopper!

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Rose Parfum Eglantine