Design standards & craftsmanship

Most of the brides who order from me understand a couture look & are in search of wedding accessories with original style & high craftsmanship. On occasion, I am asked why my designs cost more than other designers selling on the Internet.

My standard reply is that I make all of my pieces from high-quality, expensive fabric; hand-executed techniques with extreme attention to detail that are often very time-consuming.

After many years of owning & running a wholesale production wedding accessory house, I grew tired of the limitations & restrictions that come from designing for a wholesale line. I always longed to work with higher quality materials that open up a more couture look to my collections. Now that I am running my own smaller studio, I am able to spend the time hand sewing the finishing details to add richness & depth to a headpiece or veil. In order to do this & run a profitable design house, the prices must reflect the quality.

I have seen many brands misuse the term couture or abandon their original handmade standards to get a higher return. I am working in reverse, having already been the high production route. I lost all creativity & joy in my work designing with price in mind to allow for a retail markup. Now I am back to my original roots creating the way I was meant to.

Please take a moment to browse through my new collection Look book photographed by the amazing Stephanie Williams.

Many thanks,

Erica E Koesler

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