Many of this years 2020 bridal fashion inspirations are taken from decades past marked by exquisite fabrics and unique textures. We are seeing full coverage which allows for the imagination to soar in design with more space to apply the use of fabrics & details. This look turns up the volume on keeping hidden secrets concealed; rather than feeling matronly, it feels undeniably fashion-forward.

Today’s puff sleeves dresses have a Victorian twist with many creative versions. We are seeing details of smocking, empire waistlines & a lovely ease of character with these new dress designs.

Erica Elizabeth Designs headpieces and accessories are designed and always have been with these tres chic romantic fashions in mind.

Below are examples of this beautiful look. Touch each image to go to the suggested accessory link.


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Dress designer featured in this story in order as seen are:

Alexander McQueen


Danielle Frankel

Brock Collection